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  1. Boxer - plugin for Lineage 2 Adrenaline, respectively, requires paid Adrenaline. Of course there is control of the game windows. If you lose connection / hang up, the window will restart (if restart is enabled). The product is in test mode and free, then it will cost $3/month, $21/year, $8.5/month as part of the kit. Your problems and suggestions you can tell us with contacts. On some servers authorization does not work - we will correct. Key: BXL2_TRIAL Download | Contacts
  2. Boost - universal plugin for Lineage 2 that lets you skip the boring parts of the game! Looking for a clicker whole evening, and it's not working? Boost works almost everywhere! Tired of days to catch desired effect in weapon? Boost will catch up everything to all items while you sleep! BOOST REQUIRES A SCRIPT PLATFORM ADRENALINE (PAID VERSION) - supports 99% of servers(java, pts, off), Interlude - Salvation, Classic - languages: english / russian - simple and comfortable settings, setup of random delay - ability to choose any number of items and skills and not be distracted by every - lightning fast speed (~200 enchantments / ~150 augmentations / ~300 combines per minute) - notifications about the end of work (sound, lighting and deployment of the game window) - enchantment of items with the possibility of using the bless.scrolls and stones - augmentation of weapons and jewelry with any effects (any skills, any stats) - attribution of items with stones and crystals - combining of jewels, talismans and runes, their unpacking - enchantment of skills with common and bless.codexes - buying talismans in the fort/castle with deletion of unnecessary Read more | Get trial key | Buy
  3. NexTarget - radar for Lineage 2, which gives an overwhelming advantage in PvP and the game as a whole! Radar allows you to select your target in one second just like to find a needle in a haystack using a magnet! Additional features will make you a master of the game and flexible settings will ensure your comfort! REQUIRES A SCRIPT PLATFORM ADRENALINE (PAID VERSION) - supports 99% of servers(java, pts, off), Interlude - Salvation, Classic - languages: english / russian, explanation of the settings by clicking on the question mark - customizable interface, lists of priority targets and attacking players, minimap - multilevel combo sorting by classes, clans, names, buffs, status, etc. - autoAssist, defense of allies, highlighting of priority players and certain classes - customizable shortcuts for interface and functions, sound alerts - display of detailed information about target (HP, MP, stats, equipment, buffs, etc.) - adjusting animations and objects to reduce load in crowded places - ability to use own scripts, creating widgets and screen notifications - PvP functions (anti agression, anti invisible, auto CP, HP, MP, break casts, anti break casts, buffs dispel, attack wars after ressurection, collective skill using, fast "Alt+B" buff, control of "noblesse blessing", fix of autoattack bug, quest cursor for targets, anti disarm, anti backward attacks, auto backward attacks) Read more | Get trial key | Buy