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  1. Its still 8 days till start so i had time to research better. I dont call them to come if i think its not worth it. There is no good interlude low rate private server nowadays.
  2. Cant believe i almost came with my 2 partys here......
  3. Automatic Targets on MassPvP/PvP || Full Automatic Dual Box (Mass PVP)[L2 Adrenaline Scripts], its not a program :D its a script for program L2 Adrenaline.
  4. change this to : if user.inrange(186583, -75845, -2819, 450) then begin Engine.MoveTo(186826, -75934, -2819); Engine.MoveTo(186555, -75551, -2820); Engine.MoveTo(186218, -75551, -2726); Engine.MoveTo(185082, -75690, -2726); Engine.MoveTo(184762, -76547, -2726); Engine.MoveTo(184646, -76855, -2726); Engine.MoveTo(181391, -78683, -2723); Engine.MoveTo(181383, -75282, -2726); Engine.MoveTo(177914, -75302, -2726); Engine.MoveTo(175017, -75332, -2726); Engine.FaceControl(1,true); // on bot end; //listo end; end.
  5. Selling eq on La2Dream New Server, i can add char if someone need it. AM Acumen+6 (Active Hydro) AM Acumen +4 (MDef Passive) TTs Set +6 DC Set +6 Draconic Bow +7 (Passive Might) Draco set +6 Plated Leather +6 Majestic Leather +6 If you are interesed to buy contact me at forum on pm or skype: live:newhanys@gmail.com
  6. Full Automatic Targets Helper for main assister of party !!! Video presents functions from my scripts, just select checkbox which you need to use !!! Screen from menu script to l2 adrenaline ( description of the function below in this post) !!! 3 day trial version if someone wanna test functions from script!!! You buy script life time support if our license are active (updates, small changes to functionality on request). If you are interested or have any questions PM me or Skype: live:elslash1948@gmail.com The script is recommended for main a
  7. Would you play on a server with the following features ? 1. Chronicle: C4 (server/files will be set up and hosted by AccessDenied) 2. Rate 3-5x. 3. Antibot system. 4. Ddoss protection. 5. Default slot buffs. 6. 1 box allowed. 8. Daily event system. 9. Auto loot. 10. Class change with adena. 11. No elixirs. 12. No premium runes. (exp/spoil/drop/adena) 13. No herbs. 14. No npc shops/custom buffers. 15. No mana potions. I am thinking to fund one.