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  1. Hi, As the title says, I own a full Shillen Templar tank on L2Exilium private server. https://www.exiliumworld.com/ The server is action packed, each town is full of players actively farming or doing pvp, all day events and continuous content taking place, the owner has recently reinvested a good amount of money into the server so its to a very high standard. Main gear: My SK tank is fully equipped for its class plus more, this includes: PVP enchanted Elegia armour set +20 full element lvl 7 PVP enchanted blut weapon - Claw of Destruction +20 lvl7 with extremely rare augument STR +1 PVP enchanted dagger - Vesper Shaper + 20 lvl7 with extremely rare augument again Passive: Increase PVP P.Atk Exilium Cloak Pearl White Top Grade belt PVP Physical Atk +20 Vespre Shield +18 CP Shirt +20 Full Raid Boss jewels: Blessed Earring of Zaken +16 Earring of Antharas +20 Neckless of Valakas +20 Ring of Baium +20 Ring of Ant Queen +20 Aditional gear(extras): Mardill's Fan +20 lvl7 Vesper Noble Armor Set +20 lvl7 JetBike Chic Gold Horn Cap 3kk Ancient Adena 30 billion in adena FULL PASSIVE, DEFENSIVE & OFFENSIVE SKILLS MAX ENCHANTED TO +30 ! The character is ready to go jump in and enjoy the game to its full potential. I also have a Trickster with enchanted dmg skills for farming if you wish too, you have plenty of extra gear to sell and buy other stuff if you want to spend some time in Giran. DM Me here to negotiate price & to send you photos.
  2. I have a full geared SK dps tank on L1Exilium, everything maxed, skills, class specific gear, jewels the works. + much more extra armour set, weapons etc everything maxed. DM if you are interested.
  3. Good day community, I had the pleasure of playing on the L2Gold server back in the day when it was in its prime and I have enjoyed it so much that from time to time I tried different servers in order to regain that excitement and enthusiasm that L2Gold offered to players, unfortunately, every single attempt has been a failure resulting in a quick buck for these poor unemployed people that did it for the money and not for the sport. Therefore I decided out of pure fanaticism for the game to open my own server only for myself, I am not interested in sharing it with anyone else besides a very close circle of friends. With that being said, I am looking to hire a developer that can help me start an Interlude server from scratch exactly the same as L2EuroGold used to be if you guys remember the server's name changed a couple of times when it was being sold and bought by different people. I am looking for someone capable enough to design the best server in its mirror image of what L2Gold used to be, with the same custom L2Gold items and with the best DDOS protection and fastest running connection. Now I don't know the exact details of what is needed or what it will take to put a server like this on its feet but if anyone could advise it would be greatly appreciated. The person that I am looking to hire must have proven skills that demonstrate him/her as being more than capable of getting this done for me. I hope this is the right place to post this. Thank you for your time.