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  1. Hi Guys, Whats with all these bot subscription providers that want recommendations from another user before selling you their service, what is up with this rule ? I really don't get it and they must be losing a lot of new clients because of it. I for one never used a bot or know people that use it.. And why are there no God+ / Fafurion servers out there? I mean none, nothing, how? I am super sure there is a huge player base, i being one of them, that would absolutely love to play that type of L2 and not this interlude nonsense.
  2. I have a full geared SK dps tank on L1Exilium, everything maxed, skills, class specific gear, jewels the works. + much more extra armour set, weapons etc everything maxed. DM if you are interested.
  3. Good day community, I had the pleasure of playing on the L2Gold server back in the day when it was in its prime and I have enjoyed it so much that from time to time I tried different servers in order to regain that excitement and enthusiasm that L2Gold offered to players, unfortunately, every single attempt has been a failure resulting in a quick buck for these poor unemployed people that did it for the money and not for the sport. Therefore I decided out of pure fanaticism for the game to open my own server only for myself, I am not interested in sharing it with anyone else