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  1. eVERYTIME yOU BLAME I THnked its to me. maaaaaaaaaaate kurwa, fak them, they living on same planet, i hope in futher hater will be in ZOO... just gert a truth. So... You, know, i knew. thyousend off nooobs, igorance, yes. sure i was clan leader, gm, em nvm. Yea a 90% is fucking impotents of them brain, just go from. or taske 1 riposte, what they cannot undersand. Now you can rest xD they will to thyink, what its mean.. Soo you in buying ticket to Zoo. malaka.xD If You work for me best project, Pm me.. no retarts, and impotens plz. I Need bests... dont waste my time. its seriosly project. Just with in them hearts - yes, think what is mean... :) GL! Black paradise... xD
  2. I decide end my carerr on privs servers. Im going to for sell to official classic server. I want to get real cash for chars eq. there are xp x0.6. Im will sell it 1st ime. im 100% newbie with. Please friends ,how to set prices. All suggostions will be greatfull for me. Regards from leader of Universe44, Rafael. And Merry Christmas, for all of You. <3