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  1. i knew the trouble. This interface is used for interlude client not for the others client. :D H5 freya Final are not allowed :D
  2. i did so many times, server still works fine. But when i put these files in lineage 2 folder, system and systestures it gonna be like this. Black screeen (no responding) i cant move on to log in screen :(
  3. i cant start the game, copied one by one for system and systextures but still couldn't move to log in screen :( Help me pls !!!
  4. i just copied then pasted it in l2folder. So what's wrong here? Help me !!!!
  5. put this in l2 folder but i cant start the game, it's black screen when l2 window was opened ....
  6. OK... when i asked for hold target and u came and said u would help me. I thought u can help me and gave me ur contact and tell me pm. I tried to contact to u... BUT u said nothing in silence... U should be grow up and be a MAN keep ur words. IF u dont want to help me, just speak to me. P/s: DID i spam u for DEADZ 2.0?????????????????
  7. Can some1 share me some tools can be used for Hold Target ????