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  1. Could someone please edit my title to: ( and then maybe delete this reply?) WTS Skelth Dagger package | BW H Set+6 | 2x DD +10 //BEST_DEAL Thank you very much! :D
  2. Hello all, I'm trying to cash out on Skelth server for a fair price. I will prefer Greek fellows and the greek bank system. If you wish to use paypal we will use a middleman no matter what. So here we go: 1x Account with original mail / Original - best - nicknames - haven't disturbed anyone while being active, that contains: 61 lvl Abyss Walker 49lvl SK 46lvl TH 43lvl Abyss Walker with all the rewards from 25lvl (dancer etc) available tons of exp scrolls/mounts etc plus the items
  3. Got bored of L2 and I need to take a break. So trying to cash out. I would like to use a middleman which we can pay together if you're willing to buy the whole package. So package includes: ACCOUNT 1 20+++ Days sub remaining. that contains: SK - 51lvl TH - 52lvl 40eur Both characters have got badass-cool-nicknames. TH has got every single rune/xp item/boost that was acquired from the last attendance event. ACCOUNT 2 20+++ Days sub remaining. that contains: Prophet 54 with DW & all skills. 20+++ days sub remaining.
  4. WTS Account on Skelth that contains: Warrior Male 32Lvl 50% with many XP scrolls + Moon armor hv set Cleric 22Lvl -Price 10euros or 6.5kk WTS Master Account with e-mail @L2classic.club that contains: Gladiator 53lvl Female Hawkeye 46Lvl Female Phantom Ranger 56Lvl Male Bladedancer 40Lvl All chars are in different accounts(different logins) but under the same master account (same e-mail) so they cannot be sold seperately plus doom light set + c jewels + mats only 40euros or 25kk(on Skelth) I was an active altoholic player on L2classic.club but we recently
  5. Those chars I used to main, which also means that the nicknames are freaking badass if anyone's interested ;)
  6. WTS @L2classic.club Glad 53 HE 46 PR 56 BD 40 Glad and HE are on the same account and also all of the chars mentioned above are under the same MASTER ACCOUNT, which means that all chars are under a specific e-mail which is mine and I'm willing to give it to you. Including items (doom light set, c jewelry set, + 6 EAC +++ mats +++) All chars were made legitemately the last 2 years. I'm waiting for offers via pm and then we can talk in skype. I have never and I mean never traded before but right now I need to so I can move back to another game (probably wow) and need to sell t