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  1. 3 active and 10 dualbox in giran. i am calling this - EPIC FAIL http://prntscr.com/ncwp78
  2. Skylord was right about this server. The server is completly empty!
  3. bro there is no big clans anymore. but why you hate sky? he create very good projects. its the same like zeus tales elixir https://l2thegame.com https://l2abyss.comhttps://l2mid.com
  4. ADBLOCK who are you? ISIS TEAM HERE. We play l2mid all seasons and the server is good.
  5. how i can set automatic ssq event and seal monday 18:00:00 to friday 17:45:00 - event and friday start the seal period? when i change the time the server set automatic 1 week retail
  6. selling baium/qa put your info here i'll contact you
  7. the pic dawn right gaint cave or cruma tower the left forest of mirror i think and the top one i really don't remember xd
  8. As Tittile say recriut open for 2active players gmt +1/2 our play prime time 19:00 gmt +2 some of our video's contact via skype (d4rknessqq)