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  1. very convenient thanks, is the folder with the russian characters supposed to be used as well?
  2. This is actually so sad. What kind of satisfaction does one even get out of this when everything is automated? Botting to skip farming is one thing, even interfaces to improve quality of life are tolerable but automating pvp and even posting footage of it ( as if its some sort of accomplishment) is actually straight up sad. I also love people spouting words like "respect man,gg" in hopes of what? gaining ur favor and hopefully getting ur interface? This game is a shadow of its former self and the community that is left behind is equally cancerous, glorifying you people. Waiting to hear the bullshit excuse about how its almost 2019 and this is what l2 is now and how everyone is okay with it :)
  3. amazing job making this dead game playing by itself mad respect bruh, this will help me boost my online ego thx