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  1. I found a Russian faction server pack and everything works great but the server is basically 100% in russian and Im looking for some help xfering it over to English! Not sure if there is a simple way or not. I already made sure it was on English in the Localization.ini in the system folder but even that didnt change the fact that the buffs and other text was in russian. I understand why the custom npcs are in russian obviously but cant figure out why the base game is still in RU. Thanks for the help!
  2. tried to apply the patch in eclipse but im getting 40 some errors :( using Rev 382 anyone want to help me out! Thanks
  3. Rinek

    LF Help :)

    Looking for someone to help me resolve some issues in eclipse while trying to get the lastest build of acis .... I am not making a serious project before the trolls come rolling in please pump your breaks. Id like to learn from someone and put some things together. Very casual, for someone who has some free time and wants to help a noob. Thanks! pm me on here if your interested
  4. Also looking for this please pm me here