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  1. Selling sk79 pt ud learned set doom +6 set bwh +0 dama +9 cheap
  2. WTS LV79 SK On gamecoast x3 classic with +6 doom set and +9 damascus sword
  3. WTS lv77 Necromancer with +6 set karmian and +5 BO jewel Set
  4. has some jewels lv4 lv3 I Sell it for 40€ fast sell
  5. 150 EURO LAST PRICE ONLY TODAY 15/05/2018
  6. Hello , Im Trying to sell my PVP Set Heavy +8 on core server I Can sell for 30bi adena or 210 euro that is around 7euro/bi.If You Worried About my rep i can give u name of pretty big traders ive done business before soo u can check allIf you intersted msg me and ill send you my skypeThanks For Your time
  7. Selling FEOH SH 100 / HEALLER Shillen Saint with POW lv100 , SAPHIRE LV3 , AMARANTHINE CASTER +4 300 1 SA LV5 Still have premium and Rune 35 EURO
  8. WTS ramona char lv 99/99 feoh mm/healler eva saint have destruct tali brooch 5 slot and tanzanite lv3 offer
  9. Sell Human Wizard 39 or 38 not sure w/o registration cheap make an offer .