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  1. Up. And by the way could u tell me what does that option "On - Enable Support" actually does? I dont get in. It does nothing for me or maybe it does but im not even noticing that. Please explain.
  2. Hello, I've tried a lot of the interfaces and stopped at this one. But the only thing that i am missing is the Skill Menu from the "Iordanov Interface 3.6.10 Updated" where is 3 layers like Active/Passive and Settings. So the Settings are much easier for me to use and also it works better coz it has more skills for the autouse than this one (even at the screenshot at the first message u can see that u cant autouse such skills like resist, reflect damage, mana regen, shield and concentration that the character has) Would be awesome if someone could tell me which files i should change or replace and what should i use to open them to make that work. Thank you.
  3. Thank you :) I hope there would be no annoying buttons that we cant hide from the screen.
  4. Thank you :) I hope there would be no buttons on the screen that we cant hide :<
  5. Thank you. It is awesome but that "FallenAngles" button is kind of annoying :)