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  1. tales they come with this big update alot new players log and also alot old players they log again also alot after this update alot pvp
  2. just delete cocies and you can remove ban
  3. i cant wait for oppening :D
  4. yes thats true only tales made big updates
  5. tales he make good come back and with this features they going to be alive more tha 2-3 mounths and now is era of vercetti no more shits from mouse admin of l2era. and also now i remember this , who remember old tales fb page ? old fb page had over 110k REAL likes from this show to u s how proffesiona is tales team
  6. what to say after this photo , if server have 200 real online 200x49=9800 ppl + bots 12k online xD xD xD
  7. check here http://imgur.com/a/tq8vz lionna dont open yet the beta admin is alone in server and check how much online says in photo thats because is trush
  8. l2destiny/l2dragon/l2lionna/l2holydays/l2inception = L2ERA admin . they pay other clan leader or they give items to come in his server , thay ddos clan leader internet to take enemy payed clan , they sell olympiad point admin of era is trush fake online x8 bot works perfectly he have admin of Hopzone for gm in server and he add fake votes in his server and delete votes from tales , tales is stil alive era is dead and both servers open same days also he made all for money he dont make any update since 2014 all time the same shits they dont even change htmls xD xD xD
  9. The Black Mambas x50 Update on GvE x20, targets to make the server easier on equiping and change it from mid rate to pvp mode. This way the GvE system can work a lot better and new players can get a fast catchup on the existing ones and even with few hours playing on the server a new player will be ready to participate on pvp with the opposition. Downtime will last around 6-7hours around on Saturday. Server will be online at 19:00 GMT +1. =Rates Changes= Exp: from x20 => x50 Drop: from x10 => x25 (DOES NOT AFFECT: Transform Sealbook - Anakim, Leonard, Adamantine, Orichalcum, Fire/Earth
  10. tales comes with big update the black mamba x50 alot ppl going to play again tales in 12/8/2017 tommorow. Era is dead tales is alive ant going to alive more than 2 mounths
  11. ahhahahha i see this l2lionna oppening and I have died in the laughter axaxxaxa mouse who you thing login again in your servers? with keyloger in your system , with free items you give to clans to play in your server or better go ddos another clan leader internet to take your payed clan the castle? who you thing you are mouse fucking trush
  12. this project gonna fail from first day
  13. L2Tales - The Black Mambas x50 comming 12august !!!!
  14. y because tales files are proffesional tales for make this files they take over 5-6 years