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  1. hey i got for sale 800kk adena(probably some extra for free) for 20 euros at classic town x7 server. pm me and we will make a deal :)
  2. Hey, i got for sale Necromancer 59-96% with avadon Robe+6/4/4/4 bracelet of duty 2lvl and 450 coins,Toi talisman lvl4 full bo set +3, wit +12 dyes, alot of runes, around 90x 30% scrolls/30x 40% scrolls 5x 100%, 2hrs 100% xp rune, alot of stuff and mats in wh and around 20kk adena Shillen Elder 58 17% with karmian set +6 c grade jewels goat head staff with iss rune 6lvl, 20x 30% scrolls, 5x 40% scrolls both chars got 16days of subscribtion pm with offers we can negotiate price
  3. Want to sell 250kk of adena on classic club very cheap for 50 euro or trade for some adena on skelth server.
  4. everythings fine, and fast thanks alot for se :)
  5. Want to buy necro 40+ on skelth server and se 40+
  6. Like in title i want to buy se/wc or pp 60+ could be little less but not under 56. Message me with offers