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  1. Hello.Want buy Doomcrayer witch COV. Send offers
  2. HI. WTS IN GIRAN SERVER NEXT CHARS: PP 56 lvl BD 63 lvl SE 57 lvl ES 56 lvl . More info i can give you in pm
  3. still have pp 53 lvl in giran server?you dont abswer in messege me
  4. WTS Elemental master 77 lvl witch Tyrant 75 lvl in one account,original mail WTS BD 59 lvl,PP 59 lvl, SWS 59 lvl. Crafter and Spoiler 56+ About price pm me here.
  5. hello.WTB talisman of insolence 6lvl. Talking Island Server
  6. how i can contact with you ? give me your skype