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  1. how to run this ? i cant find any exe xD
  2. is this still working ? becouse i still cant make it work ;( it says restarting... restarting... restarting ....
  3. how to run this if there is no exe file ?
  4. WTS Doombringer full cetrificated + some skills +30 some of them +10-15 on this account you can find: Vorpal leather set +6 +120 atribute Final Blade +9+Focus+300 atribute Vorpal jewel set +4 10B adena x26 BEWS x30 BEAS 1000+ Giant Codex leave massage here or pm on skype userski009
  5. bygru

    EN Pokemon Go

    this app is lot of fun :D i must get them all ! :D
  6. is som1 made this script working ? i need it also :)
  7. +1 i dont play on l2classic but i see i should start :) nice gg
  8. Vorpal L Set {PvP} +7/6/6/6/6 + dynasty leather set skin Skull Edge Dual Daggers +7 {PvP} + skin dynasty dual daggers Vesper Shaper - Gale +8 augumented active pvp p attack + skin soul separator Olf +10 Top Belt PvP Skill Attack Frintezza Cloak Ring and Erring from Oly + Vesper jewels All skills on char max enchanted all subs 80+ Contact here on on skype / Userski009 bump
  9. Periel Dual Sword +9 300 Passive PvP P. Attack !! SOES Active PvP P. Attack !! Vesper Noble Heavy Set Fundation +6 Full Atributed Chest + {PvP} Olf T-Shirt +10 Top Grade Magic Ornament Mithril Belt PvP Skill Attack +6 Colak of Frintezza All Skills +30/15 + all subs certs and Nobless contact here or skype / userski009 still for sell
  10. Vesper Thrower +4, 300 Fire Vesper Slasher Focus +8, 300 Dark Vesper Noble Leather Set Fundation all + 6, 120 atribute Cloak of Freya 1kkk Adena Account: Doombringer Nobless all subs 84/85 all skills enchanted +15 some of them +30 pm here or on skype userski009