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  1. yea yea , join l2dex and you will find the most abusive admin`s you could ever found , if u take fast targets they come and ban you because you are using 3nd program , if you use next target they come and ban you because 3nd program, if you use the wall hack that you have In the mouse scroll(its in their system) you will get banned because u see mobs through walls and go directly where mobs are , so .. if u donate and waste your free time farming in this server BE CAREFULL you will never know when 1 idiot admin its watching you and THREW ALL YOUR TIME IN THE GARBAGE IN ONE SECOND ,and don`t worry who plays full scripts on pvp gets only 24 hours ban
  2. Im not an new user , I don`t usually post but when I think of your server I can`t stay without sayng anything ,so you have 4 armors types in shop and the one wich are for free is TOP DEAL, you farm for +attributes +skills+enchant, 1 week and game over ,if somebody reads this topic don`t join trash server with 2 classes playable ..AND MODIFIENG CLASSES AFTER 2 WEEKS OF SERVER ADD-ING OR TAKING STRAIGHT OUT OF CLASSES difference of p def is because dynasty + 0 and vesper +8 good luck @fckyouagain
  3. Fail server vesper have lower stats than dynasty wich are free in shop,you waste time playng to get stronger and instead of getting stronger you are at the same lvl with players that just joined .why you think it last only 1 month ? when I posted 2 photos where I was wearing vesper and dynasty and and had better stats with dynasty my topic got banned for no reason