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  1. As title, I wanna trade some stuff from Giran classic server to blue essence server. PM
  2. also emi 10+ or bop +++. PAYING ADENA.
  3. WTS PP 61 on account : ~ 100 scrolls + 1kk XP (daily quest) - lots of other xp boosts PM with offer cus I dunno how much is it now.
  4. Hey, as subject, considering to trade my 66 (45%) PR into similar lvl Dagger. :) On account - B gear, some xp stuff (6 balls, ~10 100% scrolls, some others but dont remember exactly how much.
  5. Hello, I would like to trade SKelth account with PR 64 + a lot of exp stuff + basic B eq for something on Game Coast Classic server. The best would be full supp on decent level. Looking forward for some offers.
  6. Hey guys, if someone is looking for GM or anything connected with maintaining / developing the server when there is no need for technical knowledge - I can be your guy. :) I curently have some free time and I would like to use it for L2 but not for playing anyomore. I am experienced L2 player, playing from c3. I was GM on some small private servers like ~10 years. Let me know if anyone has smth :)
  7. Looking for some job as paid driver. Server doesnt matter but if you need someone to vouch for me Skelth will be easiest. PM what u have. :)
  8. Hi, I would like to trade - Glaive and briga set (or ~3kk adena) from Einhasad to some Adena on Skelth. PM offer ty
  9. As in subject. Detailed gear on PM , adena wise ~ 120 - 150kk. Lots of xp boosts (including around 20 scrolls 100%) Looking for an offer for whole acc.
  10. PM with PP lvl or adena amount u would like to offer. Thx EDIT - may consider trade for PR
  11. as in the topic - 5kk / 10e - paypall PM!
  12. WTB PP/WC 52+ WTT DA 55+ for offers.
  13. I want 10kk, the cheapest offer / paypal. PM.
  14. As in the topic - I would like to buy 3 promo codes on skelth.