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  1. Great features, but its overrun with bots and the admin doesnt seem to care.
  2. Okay, sure, maybe you call 7 dwarfs in giran an active server. Also, read the thread I posted again. Nowhere have I said the phrase "unban me". Doesnt matter really. I tried to give you some advice but I'm barking up the wrong tree apparently :) Good luck with the 7 dwarfs :)
  3. Downloaded server, logged in. Empty server. Next logical thing to do is ofc try if the bot works. At least entertain myself if noone else will. Bot doesnt work, I get insta HWID banned. Okay, no biggie, my bad. I reg on the forum, ask for an unban and give some constructive criticism about why I think the server is completely dead (because first time you try to run the bot, you get HWID ban, seems excessive to me. give a warning and thats it). Today I wake up to thread on forum deleted and forum account banned. This should tell you enough about the server. Cheers! EDIT just to
  4. 400 MB patch, no thanks from me
  5. Great server, needs more people! Come and join!