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  1. SWG Flurry Classic: Star Wars Galaxies Private Server Flurry is a classic Pre-combat upgrade server offering players the ability to play the game for how it was meant to be played back in the day on the official live servers. Relive the old classic days. Be apart of a thriving interactive Star Wars Galaxies Community, where RPG comes to life, Experience a free to play sandbox Emulator with endless opportunities, play with friends, build a community pvp, pve, craft, unlock secrets of the force, loot, chat, tame creatures, raise pets, entertain, Join the galactic civil war, bounty hunt jedi, smuggle contraband, start a guild with friends, run your very own city as mayor! the list goes on an on, find your place in the galaxy today! Account limits 1 Account per ip 2 Characters max per account 1 Character online max per account Player Xp rates 1x xp solo 1.2x xp grouped 3x xp within 100m of your group Server launch date 11/01/2018 Main Website http://www.swgflurry.com/ Main Forums http://www.swgflurry.com/forum/ Live Server Roadmap https://trello.com/b/fawSAKWE/swg-flurry-classic-server-roadmap Live Server Player Stats http://www.swgflurry.com/stats/search.php?go Live server Resource Map http://www.swgflurry.com/Status/parseResourceJSON.html Automatic Galaxy Harvester Resource Integration http://galaxyharvester.net/ghHome.py?galaxy=73