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  1. SWGFlurry : Star Wars Galaxies Private Server SWG Pre-CU Server with CU, NGE Items. Village Jedi Unlock Enabled. Flurry Offers Custom Content, Unique server features only found on Flurry, We try our best to pump out content for our community every 7 days, looking forward to having you join our community. Selectable Xp at Character creation 1x 2x 2.5x Double Xp is available every Friday - Sunday Server Percs 10 Base Planets 24 Custom Planets 35 Playable Player Professions 37 player races/species to choose from Pre-CU, NGE, CU Vehicles Pre-CU, NGE, CU Armor Pre-CU, NGE, CU Clothing Pre-CU, NGE, CU Weapons Pre-CU, NGE, CU Decorations Pre-CU, NGE, CU Housing No Looted Weapons Or Armor "Weapons and Armor are crafted only from players" Componentes, deeds, rare items,craftbles, collection items. Enhancements, decorations, junk, paintings, TCG, all can be found in many loot tables and much much more. World bosses Unique Poi's Tons of new badges to earn Unlockable Jedi profession Main Website Main Forums Live Server Wiki Custom Live server Resource Map Custom Automatic Galaxy Harvester Resource Integration Jedi EnabledPublish9Enhnaced Crafting SystemCollection SystemArtifact SystemSilver Loot CratesGold Loot CratesPlatinum Loot CratesHeroic Boss Loot CratesNew Crafting Professions