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  1. Thx mate nice duals :D.Btw ur english are good keep it up ;) PS:downloading
  2. lol very funny k4rma i like it very much xD.Keep it up!!
  3. they rock thx mate and i was looking for these :)
  4. If i could i would give u a +1 k4rma :P.Great share!!!Keep it up!
  5. Hello guys this is my 1st share in client modding section but u will ask youself why i share the angelic trader into the client modding section..I share it here because my angelic trader sells the angelic weapons which made by CriticalError and he shared it here!.My creation is simple..I share a trader who sells angelic weapons for 2kkk adenas.Shop is compiled with l2jfree and all sqls :P.To make it work 1st of all u need to go to this topic : http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=19507.msg128761;topicseen#msg128761 which was started by criticalerror who shared the angelic weapons
  6. xxrxx an imoun moderator tha sou edina +1 karma :D.Teleytaia se exei piasei mia krisi <<dimiourgikotitas>> tha elega...Thx para poli gt kapoia links mou xriastikan ;). PS:Keep it up
  7. I lost my words...I can't find the best word for this work!!!!!Excellent!!Keep it up with all these great posts mate ;) PS:thx 4 including my misc shop in the list :P
  8. Hello guys yesterday i made a misc shop and i want to share it with all maxcheaters members :).Misc shop is very usefull for newbies who can't create a kind of this shop and they want it for their server.Misc Shop contains : 1)Potions 2)Shots 3)Arrows 4)Scrolls 5)Other items (like crystals,cursed bones etc..) 6)Q items (only noblesse items and clan items) 7)Dyes Misc shop is compiled with l2jfree.If there is any problem let me know and post it here. ~~~LINKS~~~ http://www.imageshack.gr/view.php?file=bwp9cknehe900foarvaf.jpg <--------Photo http://rapidshare.com/files
  9. Thx xxRxx i just downloaded and i will try it.Is it compiled with l2jfree? PS: I will edit my post when i will try it keep it up ;)
  10. Ok new information about cod 5.Cod 5 will NOT be modern and also it would refer to the period at japanese vs american if i am not wrong so i will continue play cod 4 because it's modern and in my opinion cod 5 won't sell so much packs as cod 4.
  11. thx man.at last some1 put em all in one post :D.And thx for the macros i didn't know much of them Keep up the good job ;)
  12. English Language : Ok guys another share by me after long time i think :P.Nowdays almost all events to l2j servers have for reward a monster weapon and yesterday i thought that why we would give to winners the weapons and don't give em the chance to select one?So i created a shop which a gm can spawn only near to winner (who must be away from others) to choose his weapon as reward!!!For any problem post here links down.Oh and i created so it works at l2jfree ;).Soon i will give link and for l2oneo ------------------------- Greek Language : Ok loipon apo poli kairo kanw ksana kai allo
  13. thx man .keep it up ;)
  14. Thx for the shop and nice job ;) Downloading.....I'm gonna check it out when i have some free time :P thx again