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  1. Firstly why the fck ppl still play on that server secondly why the fck u donate that amounts there? rofl u made him to be able to do that and scam u ppl now :P
  2. Tseligkas seems to have too much time on his hands :)
  3. Funny to say that when the rest clans promos are what? from stone age? rofl
  4. Where them CPs at? If ur ready for WAR and the takeover join us!! WE ARE LINEAGE #21ST
  5. Ye dude we are all bots BEEP BOOP BEEP jesus christ no actually we are frank's alts hahahah u jelly boysssss
  6. Thats my opinion and we have democracy im free to say what i believe so..And i buttlick deathwhisper so much cause i enjoy the server!! Apart from the problems that they might come up I still enjoy it more than other custom pvp servers, Actually there hasnt been a good custom pvp server nowadays all we see is no custom servers with 1k on bots online :P There are a couple custom servers that are still opening like mada'sftw servers that are just not good and thats my opinion again other ppl might like those servers Hell yeah I truly believe Deathwhisper is the best try of what a custom server should be like..
  7. As thedentist said 21stCentury never got help from l2dw gm stuff or any gm stuff, instead 2 of us were jailed in 2015 season as well :P Anyway for the hater comments for frank ofc the other admins would be jealous of the server we get it, I truly believe Deathwhisper is the best try of a perfected custom pvp server and i say "a try" cause its a long way to be perfect!! Now for the 21st haters of course u would hate and u know why yourself ;) cya ingame on L2Deathwhisper