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  1. You can use your own color if you know modify it :) PvP reward system is just inside pvp zone. If you walk to pvp zone you will see it on Lag fixed, ls mobs there are on both farm zones. Join us!
  2. It might found it like a threat. it's because of antibot system
  3. Everything fixed!
  4. PATCH :
  5. I will not even asnwer on haters. There is Advertisment Event and Clan Event. Advertise for us and win Donate Coins Leaders can register their clans and get lv8 at the opening! -Richard
  6. Hey, looks like all Event competitions. You can search topics like this on older servers.
  7. Advertise Event!
  8. Server and website is under maintance. You are free to try it. You know that code need the IP of server in order to work, we don't rent machine 1 month before opening, -Richard
  9. I did not rip anybody i only see ripping us.
  10. Glad to got haters and not even the server open.