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  1. Do u have a patch with darker songs/dances icons so it's easier to see if some party members haven't some songs/dances?
  2. Hi, can anyone explain me how to make debuff icons (in party window) bigger or can u share a file with this feature?
  3. Does anyone know if it is possible to show the duration of debuffs casted on u on the debuff bar?
  4. I have problem with enlightment icon: it remains over my head forever; do u know ho to fix or remove this?
  5. I have a problem: when i use enlightment with healer or nuker, the icon over my head remains; do u know ho to solve this? can u tell me how to remove the icon only for this skill?
  6. WTS cardinal skills+30, vesper noble +9/+8/+9/+9/+9 element lv 7, belt pvp def +8, hero cloack, zaken +6, freya+6, other jewel+7/+8, shirt +8, vesper caster acumen and some adena. Pm me on forum