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  1. Thanks for your answer. There's no need of using L2J so far, I'm using L2Idle server to test against it with good results (they allow botting so there's no problem with that). I am very curious about the server I mentioned, how can we determine if they are using custom traffic encryption? and next question would be, where is that custom traffic encryption handled, in engine.dll as well?
  2. I'm just trying to port L2Net code from C# to NodeJS and I found a server in which login protocol does not work as expected in similar servers so I guess blowfish might be different but I'm not really sure that's the only thing I'm going to need. (I'm talking about this server I think this is what I'm missing after analyzing traffic with Wireshark, after encrypting it with the blowfish key I have different results from my code (which works in other servers with the same protocol version, 268) and the l2.exe client
  3. Hello guys, I'd need to get the blowfish key from a private server, is it stored inside l2.exe or engine.dll? and most important, do you have any idea on how to get it from there? thanks in advance.
  4. Hello guys, I would like to ask for help to bypass or at least identify the anticheat system this server has implemented ( It seems to be lameguard but I'm not sure, I tried to sniff l2 packets and I can't even logIn because the first packet is the SetEncription. Otherwise the have some new files like a modified dsetup.dll and system.dll. Any idea? thank u in advance.