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  1. Start of OBT - 10'th of May Servers opening day - 17'th of May Site: https://beyond.lt/ On summers door a lot of us are getting ready for holidays and some time off, but deep inside, we may want a festival of sorts along with it. Specially for you, we are opening a light & tempting like the breeze of May server based on retail High Five. Faster leveling, easier mastering of late-game content, a comfortable NPC-buffer, concept adapted for PvP activity - all this awaits you on on the new mid-rate HF x15 TIAT. And do be warned, sometimes cute little girls turn into big and nasty dragons. Chronicles - High Five (Retail Platform) Rates - Exp/SP x15 Grand Olympiad cycle - 2 weeks Sieges & Territory Wars - 2 weeks 7 signs period - 2 weeks Class-transfer - 1 & 2 for Adena/Donation, 3'rd - quest (possibility of donation under discussion) Subclass - quest (possible donation, sometime after server start) Noblesse - quest Box limit - no limit NPC Buffer - yes (effect list under discussion) Autoloot - yes (maybe only for Adena)