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  1. Thanks, looks really good actually and I might try it. I would've still preferred no auto-learn skills or no buying the next class with adena or even the Global GK.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, but I'm actually looking for something original. I enjoy doing class quests and other pet quests and exp quests etc. rather than just getting the class changed from an NPC. For example the pleasure in leveling up and learning new skills from the class master is way more fun than just auto-learning skills and not caring a bit about the SP. But since you said there are currently no such servers I guess I'll have to wait then.
  3. Thanks for the answer but I'm actually looking for High Five servers.
  4. No idea what you guys are talking about, I'm just looking for a server in it's original form where I can spend some time after work killing monsters and chilling.
  5. Hello, I am looking for an original server where almost everything is retail. Like original class quests, subclass quests and noblesse and so on.
  6. Thank you for the reply, really helpful :D Cheers
  7. Hello, I've been wondering if there's any possible way to bypass or disable L2j Guard. I've searched through a few topics but I didn't find any helpful reply from anyone. So I decided to continue the search :D If anyone knows how to do it please do not hesitate to leave a reply :)
  8. You are judging too early. Farming isn't hard... New farm zones have been added, a safe zone and a party zone. I guarantee you, that you can become full geared with less than a week. Maybe even less. Just find a party and kill the mobs in Party zone. <-- That's for the Farming part as you were saying it needs a mad amount of farming. Second of all, as a mage myself the m.atk is fair, however the critical rate of the mages are high, which is a good thing for mages and make a fair gameplay. You get 4 to 6 criticals out of 10 and the defense of mages is fair. You shouldn't judge quikcly, have you checked the Changelog? They fixed the stats of the custom armors and the critical damage of fighteres has been reduced. I'd say to you to give it a try before saying the positives and negatives. And by giving a try I mean become ready for pvp not 5 minutes into the game and you want to be at the top list.
  9. Hello again! I've recently been playing a private server with about 80 online people, and one of those 80 was an absolute beast!! He was able to kill up to 4 people alone before dying. Many people said he was a hacker and when the GM checked on him the guy had something weird on the Shirt slot. It was called: Weaver's Colorful Dress. I'm not sure if that is a custom item but the GM said it increases ALL stats by +5. I'm not sure if there is a quest to get this item or if it's custom or the GM himself is fooling around and that's why I'm writing this thread to know more about this mysterious thing. If anyone is able to help me know it will be very useful :) Thanks!
  10. Thank you so much SweeTs, that really helped me :)
  11. Hello, I've decided to educate myself on how to develop a Private Server. I've been following these 2 links in order to make it happen. 1) http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/28227-how-to-setup-your-own-l2server-images/ 2) http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/187969-guide%CF%80%CF%89%CF%82-%CE%BD%CE%B1-%CE%BA%CE%AC%CE%BD%CE%B5%CE%B9%CF%82-compile-%CF%80%CF%89%CF%82-%CF%80%CE%B5%CF%81%CE%BD%CE%AC%CF%82-%CE%AD%CE%BD%CE%B1%CE%BD-java-code/?hl=compile The second link is about compiling. While I was trying to compile just like the thread above is showing me to do, I got a little error. The link that I am supposed to type where I should be install a new software is not working. I don't have much experience about these kind of stuff but I am trying to learn, so please reply with as less complicatedness as possible :) thanks
  12. Thanks for the quick reply :) and thanks for the info
  13. I have a question, as I never played on a Gracia Final client. I have the Gracia Final client installed but on your website it says to download the Gracia Epilogue client. So I was wondering if it's the same or a different client and would the game work with my installed Gracia Final?
  14. I see, thanks for the reply
  15. Hello, I've started playing a low rate server and I was wondering where is it possible to buy or drop the EXP Runes that increase EXP by 50% for 7 days.
  16. Hello guys, so I've been trying this process hacker tool which I tried on several servers and some of them it did work but on others not. But I've started this new server and I know the files of it are free and not paid it just opened few days ago and they have some kind of process hacker protection. I tried a lot of times but whenever I login on the second window again it doesn't tell me your character is already online. And if for example I'm online with my character and someone logged in to my character the game just crashes instead of saying you've been disconnected from the server. Anyone could help me bypass this kind of protection or so called guard?
  17. Hello guys, I was wondering what's the best way to use as many CP pots as possible in a pvp. For Example I've heard people using some kind of cheat that boost the CP reuse time. I've tried to put Greater CP Potion with the normal CP Potion (Which heals cp with 50) in one macro and it got boosted a bit but I see people using CP pots even faster. Could anyone help me out with this cheat if there is one?
  18. What kind of base is this and where can I find it?
  19. Please anyone could drop an answer? I need the info for tomorrow's war.
  20. Hello Guys, I've decided to become a leader of a clan but I have few experience with the Territory War. I heard that I can obtain my enemy's Castle Ward by hitting the ward until it becomes in my hands... Then I'm supposed to take it into my Castle and use the Ward Skill?? I've also heard that I cannot go to a Safe Village otherwise the ward will disappear... SO I'm asking for some information that could help me gain those wards and how to do it. The Territory War is tomorrow so I'll need some info As Fast As Possible Pretty Please!
  21. Hello everyone! I would like some useful information about all the ways of getting these 2 items. I've read that you can buy Blood Alliance from the Rune Clan Trader for 20k Clan reputation points... But I couldn't buy anything... the list shows only A armor parts.
  22. About 3 GB for a patch... seriously?
  23. Hello, my friend has recenlty opened a new server but he's found couple glitches in his server including that you can use process hacker to duplicate your coins. I've searched everywhere and I have no idea which section this post belongs to so I'm posting it here. I will need to block the process hacker from working on my friend's server so it won't be possible to duplicate coins or else it'll ruin the server. Thanks for the help!