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  1. Sadly i have to confirm Pretending is a scammer. I send several evidence to Maxtor, and i can send him others if need (i am waiting for its replay). Later i will report the guy to Community in the correct way. Happen, but I dont want others naive, but honest, players as me fall in the scam. Beware ppl without reputaton and use paypal without gift system :-) For me was first scam time, and i think will be the last.
  2. This guy contact me for to sell a BD 58 on Skelth. I send money by PayPal, when money arrived the Guy dont answer me yet. I have all screenshots for prove it. I give him 12 hours for to solve problem. Sorry for my english.
  3. WTB Bladedancer 58+ Server Skelth PM me, thank you