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  1. Hello, i need script that will take mana on Arena (Dragon-Network). For basic DN servers enchanted mana script is that: // // ENHANCED MANA SCRIPT (WORKS AT DRAGON-NETWORK SERVERS) // Label(INICIO) CharStatus(MP,<,60) //>>> VERIFY IF MANA IS LOW THAN 60% THAN USE E-MANA <<<// { Label(MANA) USEITEM(Enhanced Mana Potion[iD=9264]) DELAY(19000) //>>> E-MANA POT DELAY (20000 = 20 SECONDS) <<<// CharStatus(MP,<,70) //>>> IF CHAR MP LOW THAN 90% USE E-MANA AGAIN <<<// { Call(MANA) } } DELAY(5000) Call(INICIO) What id to put there to use mana on Arena ? There is different pot, and this script is not working :P
  2. Good job, it's working for me, but at my 2nd pc not, dont know why... problems with logging. Well, I will cheack it again latter. Thank you for good job. Cheack it: http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=27698.0
  3. Ok, but defualt i would like to use 2h sword - HD. I would like to change weapon to splinters only when totem remain (delay). so it should look like this, right ? : setup(splinters); useSkill(pumaTotem); setup(hd); delay(xxx); But how to do this correctly ? Sry for that basic questions :) Thanks for anwser
  4. Is possible to do that in this way ? If (pumaToemRemain()) {useWeapon(demon_splinters); useSkill(pumaTotem); useWeapon(hd); } If (frenzyReuseReady()) {useSkill(frenzy);} else {useSkill(guts);} Is it possible to code it in l2walker script language ? Need to learn l2w script code, but need this script very fast. Thanks a lot for u help!
  5. Hello, i am playing on Dragon [dragon-network]. I want to go with my tyr/des to cata's. After IL update to use frenzy effect (100%) we have to use 2h sword weapon (like HD). To use totems (like puma, bison) we have to use splinter's. Bison and frenzy/guts working only when hp < 30%. As defualt after use totems i wanna to use always 2h sword. Do you have any script that could do fallowing things: ////////////////////////////////////////////////// if (pumaTotem(reuse_ready)) {set_up(demon_splinters); pumaTotem(use); set_up(HD); if (hp < 30% ) { if (frenzy(reuse_ready)) {set_up(HD); frenzy(use);} // if frenzy reuse is ok else { if (guts(reuse_ready)) {guts(use); battleRoar(use);} } ////////////////////////////////////////////////// Well i dont know how to code it in l2w script code :P
  6. It's working also for me. All is ok. Thanks!
  7. Are you using Vista ? There was a topic on other board about this. Find in google file called "Core.dll" and put it (overwrite it!) to your 'system' directory. You will find it here www.dll-files.com
  8. GM has written two days ago that fake hero's will be banned on Dragon x15 too.
  9. In my opinion at this time best sub's are: Archer: Tyr/He Nuker: EE,ES,NE/OL Healer: ES/Bishop Dagger: TH/DA Fighter: TYR/DESTRO, DESTRO/WC It will change for sure when Interlude will come. Forget it! AI won't give nothing special for dagger weapon! I want to see dagger with less than 30% hp. It will be so easy to kill it ;) DA is better, more offensive. Choose bishop if you want to have more passive character ;D
  10. As subject says. SPS/EE on Dragon x15. Both 3rd classes, all skills (78/78), current level is 78 and 55%. I also give e-mail account. Character is naked, no items. I preffer donator coin's or item's in game. They can be done by bug, i don't care ;)
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