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  1. Dear SweeTs, npc height normal. I'm rework Grow effect and now all good. Now going configure frintezza songs and Scarlet skills. Problem solved, pls close!
  2. I addapt frozen script, with some fix's, all working good besides this trouble. Asking only because try all possible fix's what i know.
  3. Spawn cords right, its problem in Grow skill effect 5017. But if delete skill usage from morph's cinematic part goes bad. Scarlet2 not looking up (i hope u understand me) when die, its after deleting skill cast. Look Beast Farm mobs script, but i think going in the wrong route. Waiting for other ideas. :(
  4. Addapting frintezza script to aCis and have one problem, in transformation casting skill id 5017 (see in attached code) scarlet feets goes underground. Trying delete line with cast of this skill, but after this this have visual (cinematic) bugs: after first transformation Scarlet wings disappear, and in Scarlet2 problems with final cinematic part. Have idea with correcting chrords after transformation ending, but don't know how right do it. If someone have any idea pls help. else if (event.equalsIgnoreCase("morph_04")) { FRINTEZZA_LAIR.broadcastPacket(new SocialAc
  5. Hi, i try addapt Frintezza for aCis and have error when trying enter. Only pick quest item, if try again enter give message : "Someone else is already inside the Magic Force Field. Try again later." its screen of error in GS: http://imgur.com/90mCMFf its part of code (onTalk string): @Override public String onTalk (L2Npc npc, L2PcInstance player) { if (npc.getNpcId() == CUBE) { int x = 150037 + Rnd.get(500); int y = -57720 + Rnd.get(500); player.teleToLocation(x, y, -2976,0); return null; } String htmltext = ""; if (GrandBossManager.getInstance().getBossSta
  6. Hi, link in this topic http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/188427-mod-time-buff-acis-rev330/ dead, can anyone reupload or send me to personal message code. THX
  7. I try different hitTime, but problem is still remains. With default hitTime 500 in this code cast of spells which hitTime approached to 500 to slow, with different hitTime value cast very fast. Skills its big part of Lineage2 gameplay, and if u can help fix it. Change hitTime value in skills data don't help. Any ideas? P.S. I'm use free 340 rev of aCis for test.
  8. Okay, reduce hitTime to 300? Or how many? Tryskell check pls this topic http://acis.i-live.eu/index.php?topic=7811.0 i try do what DNG3R say, but this not help me.
  9. Big thanks for answers dear Tryskell and SweeTs, lately I've been asking a lot of questions about L2jAcis because try create good (x1-10) server for me and my friends, but one one more problem i could not fix, its bad/not correct cast time of skills like Aura Flare;Aure Burn;Great Battle Heal etc. This skills cast equally with MAtkSpd 1000 and MAtkSpd 2005 (Mystic Muse with full buff and malaria). Maybe u can help me, or tell how fix it. P.S. i try change hitTime and reuseDelay but its not help.Or Maybe its problem in my game client? Say pls what files me need change, if this is problem.
  10. I check some l2j sources of old teams, and they have limit time for farm on baium antharas and valakas (in acis files don't find any time limits :D ) . I try create good server with like l2off grandbosses, etc. I understand, on real l2off Baium, Antharas, Valakas, Frintezza havnt time limit for farm, right SweeTs? Or I'm wrong? And if u can, say what real l2off respawn time of grandbosses? I find some infromation, but i not sure that it is correct. I would be very grateful. Sry for bad english)
  11. Who know, grand bosses have time limit for farm (Interlude), for example baium 2 hours, if u don't kill him u kicked from lair and he go sleep after 30 min. Me interesting in l2off Interlude g/bosses have limit for farm?