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  1. WTS FULL itens Mage L2 exilium Set boss +20(i have all jowel boss +20) Set Robe elegia +20(sigil vesper found +20 2 Mardil +20 (Dark lv7) Belts(skill,phsycal,defense) Shirt CP =20 Cloak donater black Others itens Elegia light + 20 Tank evas templar (with email) Skill passives +30 Activa 3 or 4 +30 +20/25, skill 3job all +15 5weaps pvp 3Hellblades + 20 PvP 1Bow vesper found +20 PvP 1Dagger vesper found +20 PvP Skype: beto.l2@hotmail.com DELIVER AFTER PAYMENT!!
  2. hi i trade itens from lineage2 exilium hi5 to items on l2gamers.cl intelurd skype: beto.l2@hotmail.com (monster)
  3. price or trade for itens in other server.