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  1. Yep you can see about this on the features page. http://l2forfun.com/features/ Also working on importing some texture and animation from High five as they look damn cool. Nothing new is being added just the updated animations for already existing Interlude features.
  2. Twitch channel made. http://www.twitch.tv/f2forfun
  3. All the testing is finished. Just finishing acc system and will announce the live date.
  4. No relation. I paid to have it made for the files I use. Evoke also had Black watch at the end and some other servers. it is not just Citadel that has it.
  5. L2ForFun is built for todays Lineage II community. Server lifetimes that do not evolve are very short now and this is why L2ForFun will evolve every 60 days. Starting at Interlude than evolving to Gracia Final, than evolving to High five. The Goal Of L2ForFun First and foremost is to bring back the fun to Lineage 2. The community as we know has become much smaller with server populations being older, with less time, and overall less people. This is why we are adapting the game to adjust for these things, and to focus the population into less areas of PvP. To do this we are doing things su
  6. Glad we have this one taken care of :)