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  1. a lot of knowledge but im on mechanical engineer... Szaka, with cliext there is any solution? for i just use injector with tower dll, but now i cant inject without kick in few minutes.(or in char select) with the old suspent methots i cant do it. (now i have anti cheat .exe) with adr 1.71 the client just shut down or get disconnect on char select. http://i.imgur.com/Hvusvoa.png
  2. i try this on anticheat.exe is update from cliext.exe, i got disconnect after 3 minutes. I can log in, with suspend anticheat.exe.. i never have to un suspend anticheat? Server side is looking for the process i think.
  3. Hello, wanna try to break the anticheat? AchYlek cant send you PM, Pto you have 1 in your inbox.
  4. What item exploit are you talking about? ru off files have item exploit? I just wanna have the bot working, like adrenaline, l2net, tower.
  5. the server is now with full off files and with this anticheat. You can bypass if you kick/suspend the process, but after 4-5 minutes you get kick by server side control if you have not the anticheat active. I can send test account, and system link if someone want to try it.
  6. A cannot use any bot/walker/sniffer on this server (here is the patch) is H5 oficial files. with cliext shield Any idea for this server? PD: patch is .exe if you dont want it i can upload my system in .rar Pd2: for problem with antivirus, firewall, pin use, the GM disable the anticheat for 2 days for make a loging in 101 guide.
  7. works with cliext version? (anticheat shield) i will try later at home.
  8. i have problem with that antibot, on my server we had and now (the last one)
  9. you dont sell it anymore? could you send me a free copy, i have not other method for using anything on that server.