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  1. The script for auto sell seed to manor manager seems to dont work anymore... will be nice have new one
  2. bump... I know that some people make some script for it So thanks to help
  3. I use to have one on L2walker in the past but on L2 Adrenaline, dont work at all cause they dont use the same command script... and ofc, L2 Adrenaline dont offer any kind of script maker. Here... was a script i had on l2walker in the past. LABEL(crop) NPCSEL(Manor Manager) NPCDLG(Manor Manager) DLGSEL(Tally up indigenous product.) DELAY(1000) SELLCROP(Red Coba[iD=6542],9999;King Coba[iD=6547],9999;Gold Coba[iD=6543],9999;Desert Coba[iD=6544],9999;Sea Coba[iD=6545],9999;Twin Coba[iD=6546],9999;Blue Coba[iD=6541],9999;Desert Codran[iD=5090],9999;) CALL(crop)
  4. Someone have L2 Adrenaline Script for auto sell seed at Manor Manager ???
  5. Someone have something to crack L2 Adrenaline ? I take 1 month for 1 box key... but maybe someone, somehow, have something for crack for full.