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  1. I agree on the unban on Icarus, he made many good stuff here. The giran was his, i can prove it too, he made it from scratch with puredemonsss assistance
  2. you're so kind and i'm trying to do that, but when i open client, an error pops up PS: if possible, i'd prefer a bypass for l2tower, like the one people posted in this thread
  3. up, need help to bypass L2averia guard, send me pm or add me on skype pls My skype: marcondr991
  4. i sent you a pm days ago, can you explain me how to bot there? :-[ please
  5. thanks a lot...but how to kick dsetups? do i need a software which remove a dll from a process? update: D:\Lineage 2 Averia\system_AVERIA_GUARD\dsetup.dll Base: 0x63B60000 Entry point: 0x63CF4929 Size: 1687552 can't eject D:\Lineage 2 Averia\system_AVERIA_GUARD\dsetup.dll from L2.bin with Injector/Ejector 1.1