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  1. What's up guys, Calling all competitive cp's! For those out there that are around classic privates you know of us. On October 3rd our crew will be moving into the Official NA release of classic x1. We are looking to poach a few cp's here and there depending on compatible playstyle's. Not a classic player? No big deal, we know everything classic. Come tag along for the ride with classic vets. Requirements. Cp 7/9 minimum, although we can help shuffle solo players into CP's. English speaking. Discord & Teamspeak requi
  2. After another weekly maintenance, its looking better and better as we go on. Pvp & Sides are starting to form, looks good. Gotta be patient with a few of the fixes, but overall its coming along smoothly. Also happy 1 month
  3. WTB Proof Of Bloods on l2classic.club (Large/small amount)
  4. Recruiting English speaking players for l2 classic club x3 (private not core) We are currently in the process of forming a archer/dagger cp & mage cp. Supports are the most needed ofc, but there may be space for DD's if your play time allows. contact shibb/lickit ingame www.l2classic.club
  5. EU SKELTH Must have deathwhisper ( and haste if possible) PST Skype/Price
  6. WTS lvl 44 HE Full C grade bow/Jewls/Armor stock adena 23 days left PST for skype
  7. Linas Sukevicius comeandgetsomeirl@gmail.com WATCH OUT FOR THIS GUY, hes been scamming for over a week
  8. Looking to buy a fully stocked L2 Classic EU BD/SWS/Archer L2 Classic EU SKELTH Must be 35+ PST with price/
  9. Very quick response/ delivery.. Very trusted seller!