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  1. full fake server xaaxaxaxa gm friendss
  2. epic fail l2magic files free files ahahha
  3. i dont edit again donators :) we have fixed balance all etc and server Wiped :) from 0
  4. WTS L2Quality SERVER PACK SOURCE NO-ip.. +200 online!! for price pm me.
  5. i want to buy lameguard for interlude !! pm me for pirce.
  6. L2Quality Server IS Online We build this server for your own perfect experience and gameplay. We are team and we have the knowledge to handle this project and in order to make it as most balanced gameplay we can. Website L2Quality.net Community http://L2Quality.net/community Thanks Maxtor L2Quality no custom server! Server Rates Exp: 3000 Sp: 3000 Party Exp: 3000 Party Sp: 3000 Adena: 3000 Enchant Rates Safe Enchant: +4 Blessed Max +14 Weapon Max Enchant: +14-With Crystal +16 Armor Max Enchant: +14-With Crystal +16 Jewels Max Enchant: +14-With Crystal +16