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  1. told ya.. faster i would say its some russian company running another server with external name just trying to milk some extras out of the h5 announce from CC and the domain name. the fact they have on the forum the international part and then only russian part drives me to that. if it would be CC you would see everything in english except for one part where all other languages would be separated. not half in english half in russian. also curious why the admins just let the talks ago and no one even bothered coming here to say they are not CC. i think they enjoying the idea of someone thinking they are the same team even tho you can see its not if you really look around on everything.
  2. nah... its not them. when they will open h5 will be on same domain. they wont create project from scratch for it. just asked. also dont think CC would open project allowing 2box. forum structure is the base forum structure for that system. and about the proxy list is the standard one now a days. as i said either guys just decided to get the domain as it is to try to get some extra attention or it was the domain they found. eitherway, good luck for them.
  3. just for the record. i dont think this ppl have anything to do with classic.club. just either a smart choice of name or just it was the available name they could find with lineage on it.
  4. Well if thats your opinion i feel a bit sry for you. This coming fron someone who left club to try skelth, came back to club after susbscrition ended, tried some other private that opened and came again back to club, then friends convinced me to tryanother private that open like 3 months ago and was again another bump so went back to club... Now i can say for as long as it exists i will play there cuz everytime i tried something else turned out to be garbage and i just wasted time i could have used on club.
  5. Towns are empty due to the fact players can use offline shop for free in giran harbor, and so all market moved there, not in towns. Well i guess if u were expecting to find newbie zones full in a 1year and some months server, then yeah, u might feel it is empty, tho thats a total lie.
  6. If you say low lvl zones and economy is dead you need to log out from the server u are playing then, cuz for sure is not the same as this one. But i see from older posts you were always hating on this project for some reason its unknown for me. Well you are precistent i give you that, but i dont think its achieving much since server keeps growing in a noticeable way and it has been giving ppl more fun then they had in all their l2 life. 2.0 coming this month, or next, or next... Doesnt matter much as long as it will come working and not like some other certain servers who tryed to rush stuff and crashed their faces after couple of weeks. From someone who doesnt play anymore as much as i would want, this is for sure the best none russian server of the last couple of years in my opinion.
  7. l2classic.club is quite ok if you enjoy the classic game play. files are good, ping is good. population i would say its quite normal for such a low rates and hardcore play style. admin team seams quite ok also when it comes to communication with players and stuff fixing. bot protection is quite normal considering that on all server you will allways find the top paid programs working. donations are not unbalanced at all, the only thing they have that is connected to the game play is some scrolls that decrease exp when u die and 4 or 5 buff scrolls. and they have new update coming in like 1 week or so with more content. if what you looking for is low rates hardish kind of server with older game style i would advice you to try it.
  8. Items for sale: Vesper Noble Robe Foundation Set.
  9. stock empty. ill keep updating when i have more.
  10. Selling adena on RPG x3 Motherland 9Euro per 100kk 2kkk + in stock. for more info pm here or add on skype or ICQ.
  11. if u need any items u can try to reach me on skype or pm and i can try to get them for you.
  12. cheaper prices now. contact for more info.
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