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  1. work on L2J private server CT1 ? edit : working on L2J private server on CT1 :P thx you man.
  2. mmm I come here with one week later :| shame on me ! :| lol gg all.
  3. lol for 200 €, I can donate too Drake for am+acu+20 ...
  4. Ok guys, I want to create script for automatic earn Cabrio, Kernon, Hallate and Golky item for subclass retail quest. But haven't got a ID and Name of Box's. If anyone know a tutorial with names, plz give me a link and I make this script. bye
  5. have you try to modif text ? what serv u play ?
  6. Yes it's possible, but I dont know the Baium ID ? tell me, I can make that.
  7. you can made mutant on All server in Dn
  8. haven't see it... sorry for the original sender.
  9. I make a script to waiting baium on Dragon Network ( maybe this work on other serv too ). Its realy usefull. ( This work with L2W IG ). LABEL(BAIUM) NPCSEL(Angelic Vortex[iD=12571]) DELAY(5000) NPCDLG(Angelic Vortex[iD=12571]) DELAY(5000) DLGSEL(Go where the angelic vortex leads.) DELAY(5000) DLGSEL(Ask about the stone statue.) DELAY(5000) CALL(BAIUM) BE CAREFUL : You Need to edit dialog on other server. ( this dialog is just for Dragon Network ).