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  1. C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\bin\mysqld.exe run it as admin and itll fix it i had the same problem
  2. kalispera ekana compile to pack gia high five p5 kata tin eggkatastasi tis DB den vgenei NPC table to exei kanenas na m to steilei? kai episis ti mpwrei na to prokatalese ti lete?
  3. mia apta idia exw kai egw to sigkekrimeno thema anoigei tab ingame kai mou vgazei ena kateuato..
  4. kalispera pedia antimetopizw auto to provlima apo xthes prwspathontas na katalavanw ti einai alla matea ti mpwrei na fteei? prospathw na valw to ip mou sto LoginserverHostname: my ip kai meta trow to error pou vlepete parakatw otan xekinaw ton login server exw anoixei ports sto router 7777 2106 episeis exw wrisei kanones sto firewall EX & IN gia ta sigkekrimena ports ti allo na kanw re pedes? :\ # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Login Server Settings # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Thi
  5. check it out the full config of login server and i got the same problem in gameserver config i don know whats the problem i just put my ip in there and dat error {whatsmyip.com} ive opend ports 7777-2106 on my router(HOL ALU WLAN Cellpipe) please help me :@ # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Login Server Settings # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # This is the server configuration file. Here you can set up the connection information for your server. # This was written with the assumption that you are beh
  6. Hello again guys when im trying to use the ANT 1 to the .xml to build the files, this error comes up Things i did: 1.st made variables for JAVA_HOME ANT_HOME 2.nd update up eclipse(Juno) downgrade java jdk from 1.8 to 1.7(i had the latest version but it was the same) as the l2j svn requirements says here www.l2jserver.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=94&t=24625 im trying to compile high5 p5 package its the 3rd post i made today im sorry but im trying to find out what to do..!
  7. reinstall to a newer version and fixed and now this... i really sorry if its spam or something but im trying to open a server to see how it works and all that staff but i cant :'(
  8. I dont know why its goin a problem after a problem... heres the problem...(i couldn't install the db because of an error {localhost got passworld} i delete the whole localhost and started again and now this... navicat premiou>mysql 5.1 pack l2jfrozen
  9. thank you so much my friend it woooorked!!!
  10. Hello everyone as the title says i need a file editor for high five i found some but doesnt work and the most are in RU lang can you help me?
  11. Not something hard to make but im trying to learn :\
  12. ere eixe pei o mikeius gia ena banner gia ena shop che tou ekana ena che ithena na akousw gnwmes :)