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  1. :) <3 gotta love the game or not play at all..
  2. From the day i entered lineage 2 Mythras i was kinda nervous because (it was my first time on H5) so i didnt really knew what im going to face .But i was also excited on that im playing a server that i know i'll totally like! :P once i entered and i created my character i was confused about everything. (About Experiencing and everything) but mythras was there for me! had some level helper %50 more and i followed their guide! i reached level 80 in NO TIME! :) Since the adena was kinda farm i was with A grade Armor (DC) / A Grade Jewels / and a Homu Acu (cause it has SA'ed Weapons in th
  3. you missed the 800+ i guess! ;)
  4. a already level 61 this game rocks! nice !
  5. nice features are seem to be in this server! JOINING NOW! :D
  6. fix the link please. :P nice features.i might actually try it :P
  7. you accepted we chatted for like 10 mins and then u sended me a message saying "noob" and nothing else? :P wut?
  8. im changing my pack from frozen to something else so i dont think ill need her anymore... :P
  9. The .rar Contains folders inside. i copied everything from it and pasted it inside the places that were suppose to be but nothing.. some said (Script Error) skills like (Regeneration and more) some help?skype-> sasisma2011. thanks !
  10. may i ask something about this buffer? its really annoying to be clicking the buff and getting an error saying Script Error and nothing else.. also .. how can we add some more buffs to this buffer? (like when i click Tank buff to get full buff and not the half of them?)
  11. ναι ολα καλα με το config το ξερω. το εχω βαλει εγω στης 3 ωρες. αλλα η buffer φαινετε εχει δικο της timer.και μου μετατρεπει τα NPC σε 19 λεπτα.
  12. τα buff αλλαξαν ωρα αλλα οταν τρεξω την buffer που εχω και πατησω πανω στο buff π.χ μου κανει το ιδιο buff για 19 λεπτα.