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  1. Hey, I can't find anyway where i can use Neteller to transfer my PSC into Paypal. I have some money on my card but I can't manage to transfer it to Paypal :/ I don't know if it's the appropriate section (if not just delete/move the thread) but any help would be appreciated :) Thank you :D
  2. Vouch He had issues but hopefully I got the money !! Ty :)
  3. Vouch !!! Done my 25€ psc so f**king fast I'm so happy right now !! Don't hesitate to go to him very good guy :) Proof : (Don't know if i should show the name, but in case of i remove it ^^ thank you again)
  4. Maybe put the fee on the first post so there will be no misleading :P But otherwise nothing else to say i'll contact you next time i will get a psc :)
  5. Vouch ! Got 8€ from my 10€ PSC !! Very good seller tho :)
  6. Hey what is your skype ? :) Edit : NVM I found it waiting till you accept :)
  7. Hey can you add edeuh.le.bg.pgm. ? I am on phone so i cant add you ! Thx :)