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  1. Fix your shitty server then spam in maxcheaters dumb piece of shit
  2. you're surprised? lol when the admin of the server spend more time on maxcheaters instead of fixing his server is funny... Anyway have nothing more to say, that's my opinion on your server deal with it like it or not, but i'm saying facts and opinion of the most that joined your server GL HF BB
  3. People are right your server is unbalanced shit and you do nothing about it but make it worst because you listen to wrong people... 1st day of the game someone cry about dissarm on dagger while having -8 STR dissarm is gone, i tried to change my sub during castle siege in town my game crashed and account is perma crashing now every time i try to log in, made another one tried to contact in game by shouting 0 fucks were given... Cancel resists not working, every cancel from sps sorc is 100%, even daggers and monks every 4th-5th auto attack cancel 1 buff, imagine 1 buff cancel from someone who has 1000+ AS... The server is already fucked and won't change in better way, half of the people On now will leave cuz they went on just for the free staff for Oly.... Aiming for year? Good luck, i give you max Month with active 2 clans with 2 packs in them !