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  1. Fix your shitty server then spam in maxcheaters dumb piece of shit
  2. you're surprised? lol when the admin of the server spend more time on maxcheaters instead of fixing his server is funny... Anyway have nothing more to say, that's my opinion on your server deal with it like it or not, but i'm saying facts and opinion of the most that joined your server GL HF BB
  3. People are right your server is unbalanced shit and you do nothing about it but make it worst because you listen to wrong people... 1st day of the game someone cry about dissarm on dagger while having -8 STR dissarm is gone, i tried to change my sub during castle siege in town my game crashed and account is perma crashing now every time i try to log in, made another one tried to contact in game by shouting 0 fucks were given... Cancel resists not working, every cancel from sps sorc is 100%, even daggers and monks every 4th-5th auto attack cancel 1 buff, imagine 1 buff cancel from someone who h
  4. Actually Averia is Russian server and don't think got fake online on.... Maybe count shops alt + tab but not fake
  5. Actually they got more matches than points.... Most of them feed each other when they gonna loose hero.... Oh and that GK/duelist dmg is fcking insane.... Every time TSS make 8k+ on light/robe users even on tanks they make 5-6k dmg.... Don't think active/passive duel might make so big difference and don't think that aug increase 50+% of your skill dmg.... If it's so why doombringer don't make same dmg or another classes?
  6. Well yes it's good pvp server (from all that are online now) but the big problem is for ppl who play oly.... 2 classes OP and many important skills of some classes nerfed, 1st thought they were nerfed only in pvps but was wrong....
  7. Since you still think that in lineage2 exist balance you will not be better owner than some others.
  8. Karasu sorry dude but i really don't have time to speak with someone who think getting money from making server is better than finding normal work, but tell me something you had servers right? How you make money from them since the online days of your server is not more than my fingers on my hands??? Since it's dead game how you said why you still creating servers?
  9. Of course i won't launch server like him cuz i am not gonna spend my real life time on making game cuz i have real work where i spend 8 hours, but if i would i wouldn't listen to suggestions of 10 years old kids who play only 1 class and QQ about others
  10. on: January 04, 2014, 05:07:14 AM » -Reduced skill Mirage effect once more...(test)-Set HP on Lethal Strike to 50% (was 1) & reduced the chance -Small balance changes on damage [ Classes affected: Duelists, Daggers, GKs, Archers, Mages ] -Fixed Events bug that players could not use some skills & buffs -Bluff chance reduced -Hopefully fixed bug that was causing insane land rate of stuns sometimes -Lifestones chance should be higher now -"Blood Oath" price on GM shop decreased on: January 06, 2014, 03:10:09 AM » -Fixed option 'Certification' in AIO NPC-Transfer of cl
  11. Ok what ever.... You can't even fix 2-3 small bugs in your server and you say me that it's not your fault but someone alse fault, aren't you admin of this server or what? You are admin only to nerf skills/classes cuz of some QQers in forum? Some ppl are saying you from the begin about 1 fcking skill which should have instant cast and you can't fix it
  12. balance balance... Tell me pls how many years you play l2... I play since c1 and still can't understand what ppl like you mean balance in 1 l2 server.... and pls tell me how you gonna balance tank with dagger... You gonna give to tank same dmg with dagger? or to dagger you will give same def with tank?
  13. Actually this server is not better than chaos, 2nd day wipe... Classes f@cked up some important skills nerfed on success/reuse, zaken/antharas not working (you can see post in forum about that), you find bugged skill admin says he fixed it but again same shit, ppl feeding for pvp coins, farm/pvp zone full of bots... DDos protection and after 1 attack server down and next day wipe.... After pvp you need to go town rebuff if bp/necro make you banes even if you use normal buffs and not the improved, ah anyway thought this server is better than the others, but nothing different