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  1. Let's hope one day someone will open a server like this again Edit: I almost forgot, I'm looking forward for aepvp. Maybe he will make something good :P
  2. In my point of view let's examine what we have. 5 tier's weapons/armors (or 4) 3 tier's accesories and a bunch of other things. In order to keep your player's is to make then not get bored farming/pvping. You have to give a meaning on those things as L2 Pride did. What you see nowadays is everyone releasing the last pack of the server and not going on babysteps, as on L2Pride. Now what I mean, since you have so many custom items release 1-2 tier's 1st make it a little bit hard to get them also enchanting is a major factor don't do the shop getting item's +14 with chance to hit +19 or who knows what. Give the low tier's value. Then as you pop up on tier's and releasing more, when you think is the time to move on another one gradually make the lower tier's easier to be obtained and enchanted. The reason? Is to give the newcoming players the headstart to come closer to good geared players. I still remember farming in party for that dynasty tier 2 and killing raids with clan to obtain some Icarus back then and they were having value. Now every other day someone with the pack makes a server. That doesn't go for this one as he wanted to make his own farm zone and economy system, but unfortunately it failed.
  3. The only good server is gamecoast but if you don't know russian don't even try it. X7 strong activity and it's with official files.
  4. My friend tomorrow you open I will join to see the other not hard farming server that will pop up. I'm not provoking you I would like to suggest something that most of pride copies lacked and made server too easy. You all have the latest pride pack not how gracia final pride begins. In the beginning you had to farm in party in order to get your dynasty normal armor... Icarus was the best items there and needed so much time and effort to get them. ah i almost forgot +0 was everything not +14 with probabilities to go +18. Another thing that didn't exist in the start was "Bar's". And there were 2 zone's to farm. So if you know how it was in the start do it that way. That's the reason every pridelike fail's because you rush on everything. If you want more detail's I would be glad to help you and make a good copy of it. Just DON'T rush the item's.
  5. Well hello guys i vote for H5... but anyway im more like a fun of latest chronicles but because my option is limited to those 2 i go with H5. Interlude isn't dead because you all wanna brag about your skills in a server where u play with 2 skills the most of the time and I won't mention archer that there is only 1 skill (occasionally) and CP potion. H5 in the other hand is a c6 with one more race and more skills to play with. I don't wanna mention Items etc. of course every chronicle provides with more Items it's the global management. Have you ever consider the fact that daggers can approach you in an instant or backstab you while you are unaware. Isn't it obvious that you have to play with brain's in that kind of server and outsmart your opponent? I just gave an example there are many more factor's that i can mention, but by the time I spent writing this I'm very sure that you will respond with a message like "c6 best" without having any reason why you say so. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` And I'm closing with, my preference in L2 are Helios chronicle because there you can play all classes with a better balance that H5 and lower. P.S. I don't wanna go in depth analysis of the chronicle's.
  6. SERVER NAIA Sayha's Seer level 85 Armor: Set Immortal Robe Pailaka shirt & bracelet Weapon: Requiem Caster Jewels: Set Immortal