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  1. Sorry for delay i forgot to do it! Thank'you,trusted seller and fast +++++
  2. Trusted seller,very fast and nice to make business :)
  3. Account 1 1st Char : Kamael Tyrr Doombringer Lvl 85 sub started some items like birthday gift items XP Armor and Weapon Gear Event Cry coupon Lvl 4 x3 2nd Char : Human Tyrr Duelist Lvl 85 Items Xp 400 Steel Door Coins Armor and Weapon Gear Event Account 2 + 4€ 1st char Elven Iss SwordMuse Lvl 85 Gear Event Armor&Weapon Items Xp 26 Rune 100% XP Full Armor and Weapon for subs All Grade 2nd char Healer Shilien Saint Lvl 90 Weapon and Armor Gear Event Istina bracelet MEN +3 hair accessory CL clan lvl 5 Account 3 1st char Human Healer Cardinal l
  4. Hello,i'm looking for sell my equip in my main char on L2 Core server: -Blessed Specter Retributer +5 with 2 SA Acumen and Empower 300 wind element -Set Eternal Robe all +6 and 120 element Pm offers,adena or euros it's same
  5. Me? I have skype conversation dude, u ask me account of my char,i change with your mail and confirm and you change password of your account and log out,c' mon on skype and give back! Dirt your hands for a char,lol so poor
  6. SCAMMER,thanks for take my healer and play with changing password in accounts in same times