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  1. Corrupted server So-called gm shark plays in another clan with necromancer and can't even pronounce "Bot"with hes "Boot"
  2. Banning ppl for truth. 1 week server :)
  3. Server kinda with normal and good online, but its dieing. Broken geodata, Unbalanced classes, Op donate. Mages hitting 100k already. Newcomers coming and leaving after getting one shoted. Some idiotic ELO points system then you lose more pts all day then getting with Low dmg classes.
  4. Iwanna see how they will do it. in past 2 days in server i dropped over 30 sets in random places to ppl gl deleting it.
  5. I bet they cant see all ppl who got dc/fa/adena/aa or items from me :D
  6. Perfect server with perfect protection :D took me 3 days to get banned :D
  7. Thx, made like 15years ago :d
  8. It be awesome if server like this starts, just not by them.
  9. #Dead few active ppl. Inactive Admin.
  10. Servers makers now days getting more and more greedy. with shitty servers. enchanted hero weapons and attribute have on them is da best
  11. From what GOD chronicle you making this classic?
  12. 1.Nobless in debuff 2.Bigger invertory with old l2 colours 3.Extra skill bar (macros, 1-2 bar for skills)