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  1. Hello guys , When i change from main to subclass i got lower level skills, like at Soultaker i have Vampiric claw lvl 20 when it is lvl 28 Do you know any solutions
  2. Hello guys , I'm using frozen's pack for my server and some of my friends when they play with me and everything is fine..seems like loginserver is shutdowning and they cant log in , sometimes in my console says " Wrong checksum client " . Anyone knows why this is happening?
  3. My firewall has 3 settings : high medium and low , i put it on low and i have opened the ports. At canyouseeme.org my 7777 port and 2106 seems to be opened but the 9014 cant open and i dont know the reason ,i also made the settings from the windows defender..
  4. Hello guys , can anyone help me with the port forwarding in my ZXHN H168N router? I tried to open then but unsuccessfully. The ports i opened are 7777 , 2106 , 9014 Thanks in advance !