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  1. Hello guys, I got that precompiled pack with the source code but i cant build it, i got some errors showing up in eclipse's console and i want to know if its possible to be fixxed warning: [options] bootstrap class path not set in conjunction with -source 7 BUILD FAILED C:\Users\Personal Pc\Desktop\SERVER\L2jFrozen_GameServerL2Server\build.xml:65: Compile failed; see the compiler error output for details. When i open the build there is a line which is selected in the build.xml file : <javac destdir="${build.classes}" includeantruntime="false" optimize="on" debug="on" source="1.7" target="1.7" encoding="utf-8" nowarn="off"> Can i do something about that?
  2. Hello guys , I just want to ask if its possible to make a custom quest using the existing python methods. Also i want to know if i can edit scroll of escape for the quest. Example : If i get a specific item from a raidboss to teleport me in a custom specific location and i dont have the item to not teleport at all.. I want to know if its possible
  3. Hello guys , When i change from main to subclass i got lower level skills, like at Soultaker i have Vampiric claw lvl 20 when it is lvl 28 Do you know any solutions
  4. Hello guys , I'm using frozen's pack for my server and some of my friends when they play with me and everything is fine..seems like loginserver is shutdowning and they cant log in , sometimes in my console says " Wrong checksum client " . Anyone knows why this is happening?
  5. My firewall has 3 settings : high medium and low , i put it on low and i have opened the ports. At canyouseeme.org my 7777 port and 2106 seems to be opened but the 9014 cant open and i dont know the reason ,i also made the settings from the windows defender..
  6. Hello guys , can anyone help me with the port forwarding in my ZXHN H168N router? I tried to open then but unsuccessfully. The ports i opened are 7777 , 2106 , 9014 Thanks in advance !
  7. Hello guys , can anyone tell me where i can find a windows 10 clean patch or how to modify my own patch so it could work in win10?? thanks in advance
  8. I have done this and still nothing I will do that so i can see thats going on I have done this my friend and still got the Connection refused in every port i change
  9. Yes the server is running when i test the ports from the canyouseeme.org , i only got problem with the 9014 port..
  10. https://imageshack.com/i/poBEUcZpp https://imageshack.com/i/pniJnjIvp Here..i just cant upload them here
  11. yes i added the rules for my local IP address and i cant find any solutions..add me on skype so i can send you some screenshots to see for your self if you can of course.. "Oraclezz" username on skype...