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  1. Hi, does anyone have the link to Visual Studio 2005 x64?
  2. @tiagopyerri Man this is a lot of putative, the guy puts files for more that still is not good to put online, he puts without a key, and comes another br la fifth of the hells talk shit, man put something useful do not get knocked over the others because they read a lot of topic and came to write beautiful, if you did nothing in Java that is easier to imagine in l2off, take tutorials from the net and use to make yours to have credit of something. if fud ... lad.
  3. the the revolution is back in was reborn with the most updated market L2OFF platform. check below some information! - Interlude c6 private server -. L2OFF Advext64 ultimate version - Updated 09/25/15 platform. - Support for +3000 players - Anti-DDoS Protection - 24GB ran out, 1GB broadband - High-performance drives - AATA American center 24/7 - Skills like retail - Eternity schoolmaster buffer - Epic Boss Level 80+ - Raid boss with special drops - Heine & rune hard pvp - Up system soul crystal - Tattos empowered - Drop s in the regions of Innadril - Bonus sacred grid and the s - Parry de
  4. sader90 Могли бы разместить небольшой урок о том, как собрать? where is the bkp, or sql? ?
  5. it seems the panel is protected with serial.
  6. Could someone provide the rest of the sql that came so BAK 2, Thankful.