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  1. Scammer. Even for a low ammount, just pathetic. Scammer don't trade.
  2. L2brutality is Gracia final so nvm. Averia seems too... Russian. L2waterland might be good but still on beta from 01-05 february. Before that I'll be checking L2desperion and then decide. What do you guys think will be the most popular H5 server? Bear in mind that if tower works on the server the chancess people play there grow.
  3. What server is it? I'm looking for a H5 good server with a decent population.
  4. The kind of assistance i need is learning how to pull it off! I've watched other ruskies tyrants oly movies from High Five (the chronicle i'm playing, you know the one before they ruined the game with GoD) and they did zealot as LAST of buffs and played with low HP. He has some epics yes but not Valakas, teh one that really helps (hp bonus). His 1st buff is zealot (doesn't matter, lasts 2 minutes when enchanted +30)
  5. Yes, there's a (weak) talisman that restores HP and not MP. Then there's the all around loved "life force" talisman that restores MPP and HP. But if you watch the movie (both parts) you see he isn't using it (in my opinion at least). +HP Augments restore very little HP, especially when talking about chars with ++CON.
  6. Ok i've played this fucking game for like 7 years, both private and retail, played every class, gosu etc. ATM since retail failed with GoD i'm playing a private high five server for some fun on a tyrant. What i wanna know is how this guy pre-zealots has his 1st buff before anything else and KEEPS HIGH HP. From analysing the movie here's what i can tell: he's on +5str -5con +4wit -4int. He uses tallum (-2con) conversion weap, then switches to doom heavy (+6?) and health weap, possibly +4 shirt HP and zealots. The thing here is he doesn't use BTB till afterwards and his H
  7. What does he mean "high rate" "lowrate"? the high rate private servers vs the low rate ones like retail?
  8. i don't know how to setup walker on a server, like finding out IP etc
  9. sorry didn't know, i'm new to this site. if someone can direct me to the thread that exists gm can erase this. regards.
  10. does l2walker work on www.l2gang.com? would be great fucking l2Tower sucks for pve. best high rate server atm i really want walker! >:( regards
  11. does l2walker work on www.l2gang.com? would be great fucking l2Tower sucks for pve. best high rate server atm i really want walker! >:( regards
  12. so doesn't work? u know l2.net very well i assume, is there any way?
  13. i'm not sure how l2.net works i nvr used it but i heard it LAGS. i see most bots around me with the L2Tower pve "pattern", same as me, attacking mobs fast and KSing (the version that runs that doesn't yet have the no KS button) now, there's another type of bots (less) that i notice, they get to the mob and take like 3 secs to start to attack. really obvious there's noone there EVER waiting for captcha. and when they get frozen by captcha in exactly 5 secs they defrost. i've noticed like 2 chars near each other exactly same class, gear, and both don't answer pms TL;DR i'm sure there's
  14. hei guys. L2tower works on L2gang.com but can't beat the anti captcha and it's pretty bad for pve anyway. i know for a fact L2.net works there and there's an anti captcha method. i found this video l2 gang (How to bot*autofarm* with l2net+auto captcha) Update 18.01.12 but the links are lost. i've noticed bots that i'm 100% sure are with L2.net and with anticaptcha. anyone knows how to get it working? regards.