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  1. Hello guys! Somehow i manage to put some horses as "mounts" in the game they work the same as an Strider (its a copy with another skin). But when i summon the horse the "mount/dismount" button never appears. So i thinks i'ts because the HMTL on the alt+c tab "Actions" needs a new exception for the new mount in the code. but i can't find the .java class on the source. or even the html. im new in this kind of stuff, pls i need help. i work with the rev 379 on windows 10 64 bits. also i have some pictures. ask me everything. Horse Autor: TheVainglorious
  2. Some one can adapt this npc to aCis ? cuz its made in python and aCis use java :p. http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/45090-updatedshare-subclass-master-multi-skills-by-allen-interlude-h5/?hl=subclass thanks !
  3. I have see this event in l2jfrozen o.O but i can't obtain =/.
  4. Its the event of the npc "roy the cat" and the other female cat :P, in this event if you collect event medals and glittering medals killing monsters in all map (all mobs). you can change items using medals and also lvl up your grade here a pick: this is a retail event of l2.
  5. This event have protection to DualBox ?